K-9 SkinRescue can be used on most any animal and humans. K-9 SkinRescue has been used on humans, goats, horses, sheep, cattle, dogs, cats, and reptiles. I made this product human-grade but am not marketing it in that category because the marketing budget requirements for human skin category starts in the millions if you want to avoid being swallowed up by the big guys. I strategically decided to stay in the pet space until the brand and product becomes a staple in every pet owner’s cabinet. But please, use it on yourself and family for cuts, scrapes, blisters, burns, serious wounds and take pictures keeping track of dates. I used this on my son’s deep ulcer he developed on his knee from a cut while surfing. The wound was so deep that a fly landed in it, and he took a picture. I saw him for Christmas and he said it had been there for 1-2 months and just wouldn’t go away. Typically under those conditions an oral antibiotic would be prescribed along with daily ointment triple antibiotic and a wash for 3-4 weeks but instead I applied K-9 SkinRescue daily for 4 days while he was with me and the improvement was remarkable. Within 3 weeks the issue completely resolved only using K-9 SkinRescue even though he surfed almost every day.

Absolutely! I didn’t even try my first couple iterations of the formula for K-9 SkinRescue on cats because they are incessant lickers and I was worried they would like it all off before it took effect. As a result, I decided to just focus on dogs. Now that my formula rubs in completely, it is great on cats too!

If the kennel sores are bleeding, yes. Use this because it is anti-fungal and anti-microbial which means you can avoid a secondary infection. It won’t however make the kennel sores go away and hair grow back because of the long-term damage to the hair follicles when you have long terms scarring like a kennel sore. If your dog just started to develop kennel sores (typically on joint areas) then think about where your dog is spending a lot of time laying on concrete and if padding or a pet bed for that spot is an option to avoid further development of the kennel sore. If the sore is new, I would try K-9 SkinRescue for 14 days straight and wait another 30 to see if the hair comes back.

I would absolutely use this on something that looks like acne, sulfur has been used for centuries on acne vulgaris due to the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Many large breeds (Great Danes, Mastiffs) are prone to what looks like acne and K-9 SkinRescue will help with the breakouts and keep secondary infection at bay.

Sulfur and Aloe Vera

K-9 SkinRescue is made with the highest quality ingredients, with no chemicals, fillers, parabens, etc. and is safe for use on humans. I have this in my cabinet for myself and my family instead of Ne*spor^n or Bacitra*&n and instead of L*trim#n because it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Relief comes at twice the speed of a topical antibiotic and in terms of ringworm, athletes foot, jock itch, and other fungus, in less than a week instead of 30-45 days!

You can apply K-9 SkinRescue one to two times a day for anywhere from 1-14 days. Wounds take less time to resolve and mange takes anywhere from 14-21 days depending on the severity.

No, a little goes a very long way. Take a small amount, get it all the way down to the skin and rub it in until it disappears. If your dog has long hair, my recommendation is to clip the problem area if you can’t get all the way down to the skin. Now, if your dog has a double or triple coat (think Australian Shephard and Pomeranian) then I don’t recommend clipping but instead parting the hair and getting to the skin.

If you are a groomer, definitely bathe the dog before applying K-9 SkinRescue and refrain from another bath until the issue has resolved (typically 7-14 days). If you are a regular pet parent, don’t bathe your dog before, after or during the 14 days when you are working to resolve the skin issue. Dogs have a natural layer of oil on their skin that protects them from a variety of issues and each time you bathe them with soap or shampoo (especially medicated shampoo), that layer is stripped away, removing that natural barrier and often times exasperates the situation.

Yes! This is especially formulated for all forms of cutaneous (on the surface of the skin/coat) fungus on horses, sheep, goats, cattle and people. So often a horse will get a cut that turns into something serious. To avoid this, use K-9 SkinRescue on all wounds on your horse and other livestock immediately and for 3-7 days until you see a visible difference

People keep asking if K9Skinrescue and K9 Skin Rescue and K-9 SkinRescue are all the same thing. There is only one K-9 SkinRescue and it is made by us here at Lā‘au Inc. but when you search for K-9 SkinRescue other options come up because we only launched our company is 2022 and our website launched at the end of August 2022 so by google standards, we don’t come up on the radar just yet. Please keep typing K-9 SkinRescue in the google search bar and then scroll to find us to help move us up on the search engine! The other issue is that google is very sensitive so the – and spaces matter.

Same situation, officially when we registered our business we had to register it as La‘au Inc. because the system would not recognize the kahakō above the first a in the word. I know, what a pain, but we are a Hawaiian company and as a fluent Hawaiian language speaker, I have honored our ancestors by using the proper diacritical markings everywhere possible, so that means, on our website, products and all print materials.  Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to find a kahakō on their computer (insert, then click on symbol then scroll through until you find them).

Laau Inc and La‘au Inc along with Lā‘au Inc. or just plain Lā‘au it is just the internet and how people type in names and try to remember us.

Lā‘au is any type of plant growing from the earth; any tree, shrub or grass.  For millennia Native Hawaiians have been using plants to heal so medicine is also a common definition for the word.

I NEED to buy?


4 ounces will last for 4-6 wounds or crusty noses, cracked paws, rash, burns, or dry/flaky/scabby skin up to the size of a lime each


8 ounces for hotspots or mange on an area that totals up to the size of a large cantaloupe.


16 ounces for mange on an area that combined, totals up to the size of a large watermelon.

icon 24oz

24 ounces for mange on an area that combined, totals up to the size of 2 large watermelons.

If you still aren’t sure how much to buy, send us an email with a picture and tell us a little about your dog, and we will make sure you order the right amount of product.

You can also call our customer service number at 805-242-1101 from 10:30 am-6 pm PST Monday–Friday.

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4oz (apply twice a day for 5-10 days)