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Providing real support and creating a community of pet lovers is central to our mission of improve the life and health of dogs everywhere. It can be scary or overwhelming when you notice skin issues like hot spots, wounds, mange, crusty noses, or cracked paws on your best friend. Our goal is to help you through those tough moments and find the right combination of products and routines to get your dog on the mend, faster.

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Mange in dogs is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites that live on a dog’s skin, causing irritation, inflammation, and hair loss. The two most common types of mange in dogs are Demodectic mange and Sarcoptic mange. Also referred to as Demodex and Sarcoptes.

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Dr. Nāone personally reviews all questions submitted by our pet care community members and provides information to help you get your pet back to feeling like themselves. With a long history in animal husbandry and care, Dr. Nāone is uniquely positioned to share information about dogs of all breeds. For anything she isn’t sure about, Dr. Nāone will reach out to her circle of veterinarians to offer the best answer possible.

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Bailey Pet Question
My dog Bailey has red inflammation with puss near her vaginal area and no matter how much I wash it with warm water and soap, it doesn’t improve. We walk several miles everyday so I know this must cause pain.

After looking at pictures of Bailey, I recommend that you don’t wash the area with warm soapy water. You should keep it dry and use K-9 SkinRescue twice a day until you see improvement. A 4 oz jar should do the job. While this will help, she is carrying some extra weight so the friction and moisture will be an ongoing aggravator specifically in that area. Maybe cut out treats and feed her only twice a day since you are already doing a great job on exercise. People often think of feeding their pets in the same way they feed themselves but dogs (unless we are talking Great Danes and the like) need a lot fewer calories than we do, and they aren’t grazers like cows and horses. They were carnivores in the wild and didn’t eat every day so most vets recommend feeding twice a day in their current domesticated condition (unless they are puppies and then optimally, they need to eat three times a day).

My dog Tucker is a Ridgeback, is getting up there in age and a has a crusty nose with lots of cracks and I have tried several products. One product that was a natural balm worked okay the first time but not necessarily since then.

After looking at Tucker’s before pictures, I recommend K-9 SkinRescue. Now we know that dogs lick their noses frequently, so this is going to be a bit of a challenge. I recommend that you put K-9 SkinRescue on right before bed and gently rub it in completely as best as you can. Then tell your dog (don’t laugh, I speak to my bestie Hendo in full sentences and he has upwards of 100 words.) don’t lick it, its going to make your nose feel so much better. And then as soon as she/he goes to lick it make an tsch or uh- quick short sound (think Cesar Milan the dog whisperer’s favorite sound link ). Then when you get up in the morning. Repeat.

*See this great study on how many words dogs have

Q&A with DR. NĀONE

Learn more about Dr. Kanoe Nāone’s experience, background, and dedication to animal welfare below:

The first business I started back in 1995 was American Bulldogs of Hawai‘i. We were the first to bring American Bulldogs into the state. In addition, we had a small farm with horses, goats, geese, and dogs and found the need for something natural to use when they developed wounds and more significant skin issues. While I am not a veterinarian, I do have more than 20 years of animal husbandry experience and a Ph.D, which means I’ve honed my research and testing abilities at a professional level. Our products have been used on our cattle and on dogs in our communities with great success. To further ensure quality and effectiveness, we completed extensive field trials in 2020 with randomly selected dogs across the country with a plethora of skin ailments. Each case was monitored and recorded in strict settings to ensure information and testing accuracy to validate our products. Using all the data and results, I submitted a full utility patent application which is currently pending.

I grew up with dogs and from my early 20’s and on, horses, cattle, goats, and geese too. My first dog was an Irish Setter named Lady. I was 4 and my dad used to come home from his construction job and put his t-shirt on her and she would run around like she was beautiful, which she was. I learned to ride a horse around 10 years old and have loved them ever since. I currently have a Boston Terrier whose name is Hendo (named after the MMA fighter Dan “Hendo” Henderson). He is 8 and a major member of our house. Yes, he even sleeps on the bed! After being around livestock and having outside working dogs, an inside dog is very different. All 4 of my kids know that Hendo is a sibling, not just a dog. My daughter even dressed him for Christmas one year (which he did not appreciate)!

There are a variety of products on the market for hot spots, wounds, mange, crusty noses, and cracked paws but most are very expensive, do long term internal damage to animals, are pharmaceuticals, have harmful ingredients, or are minimally effective. I first started using this formula in my first business 26 years ago with our dogs, horses, cattle, and goats. At one point, we used this product on a dairy cow who had an abscess the size of a football that was full of puss and maggots. She had to be taken out of milk production rotation and was going to be culled. Instead of putting her down, we used this product on her and within two weeks the abscess was gone and there were even small bits of hair growth, saving her life and the dairy farm finances.

Ask Dr. Nāone should not be used as a replacement for veterinary care. This is an opinion forum. Our resources are designed to provide general information and to supplement your existing pet care plan. In case of emergency or for severe health issues, please consult your veterinarian immediately.

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